Giant Green Phone Update

Last week we added a new post to this blog about a Giant Green Phone that we found for sale outside an East London house. This week we Googled ‘Giant Green Phone’ and the first image to appear – from a 2008 report on the BBC website – shows the very same Giant Green Phone as the one we found.

This Giant Green Phone was once suspended over London’s financial district to raise awareness of a British child protection charity. To see it go from shiney and airborn to dirty and grounded can be taken as a sign of how, within a capitalist society, material gain takes precedence over the well-being of youngsters.

There is no record online of which charity the Giant Green Phone was meant to raise awareness of. So to heal this rift and return the Giant Green Phone to the purpose for which it was intended, we conclude this post with a link to the website of the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.

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