Delightful! Exciting! Lovely! Fantastic! Terrific! Delft!

Nostradamus come back to life and then eat your heart out! The Dutch girl we drew in June 2010, one whole month before we saw this rather big mouse in Holland!

Q. If one could bottle the essence of Delft what would it smell like?
A. Don’t know, but the label would look a bit like the one on the Dreft bottles.

Rule Number 1 at Food Packaging Label Design School should be: ‘Do not depict insects.’ Needless to say we didn’t eat any of these butterflies, sorry, ‘cabbages’, that we found in the C1000 Supermarket.

YES! Delft. This window display we found on the TU Delft University site. Where are you jumping to?

TU Delft upside down babies, now on display in the well stocked TU Delft shop.

Royal Delft are well respected makers of fine pottery. But that doesn’t stop them from producing decidedly odd things. Take this ‘cat’ for instance, which to us looks more like an octegenarian furry.

If we’d 572 Euros to spare then this little behatted squirrel-dog hybrid would be with us now. Are those tiny hand-painted female genitals under the long-hand script? Yes you guessed it, Royal Delft again.

Dogs, dogs, dogs, dogs, dogs and dogs on a poster we saw in a park full of people walking dogs… Cheers!

Why erect a public sculpture when the money could be spent on a nice seating area? I mean, you couldn’t sit on this here thing could you?

The market aftermath. Delft outdoor market takes place every Thursday and Saturday, and there, amongst other things, you can buy the most delicious fish. And then throw it on the floor.

Delft is criss-crossed with canals along which you can take lovely boat tours. Some bridges you can go under sitting up, some stooping down, and others you’d have to go under the water to pass. Amazing! I’ve never seen anything like that in my life, etc, etc.

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