TEEPEE (2008-)


Teepees - conical tents, popularised by Native Americans of the Great Plains - allow man to commune with nature, and can provide extra display space should one be organising an exhibition. The Teepee pictured was the first we ever constructed - in collaboration with artist Warren McLachlan - and it stood throughout the duration of an art exhibition entitled 'TSF', held at Triangle, London. 


Ah, the great outdoors! Whenever we construct a Teepee our thoughts turn to the birth of civilisation; How will we do things different? How will our commune be run? How will we decide roles? What we do know is that most people enjoy getting together for a party, and if the sun is shining and there's a barbeque on the go then all the better!   



Real talking-points, and fully furnished inside, it is no wonder that our Teepees have garnered celebrity attention. Here the wonderful Frank Sidebottom looks rapt at our dream machine, shortly before he performed a rendition of his song about the boardgame Monopoly.