PEPOMO are working as part of artist initiative Propeller Island on Propeller Island 8: ‘The Sandwich Islands’. The Sandwich Islands is the eighth chapter of the novel, and for the event we have invited artists to contribute to an evening of film, performance and music.

‘But the more the quartet penetrated into the secrets of this archipelago, the ore their illusions fell, fell like the leaves at the end of autumn. They pretended to have been mystified when they should have accused themselves of inviting this mystification.’



Fanny Aboulker, Ildiko Buckley, Zoe Darling, Anita Delaney + Eoghan Kidney, Jamie Dyson, Melville Mitchell, Jarrod Sanderson, Thea Stallwood, Jonathan Trayner, Louise Ward, Sarah Cameron, Brian Dawn Chalkley, Fiona Chambers, Michael Grime + Katharine Tolladay, Rita Evans, Callum F Kerr, Martin Lofty, Lady Lucy, Jessica Marlow, Scott Massey, Takahashi & Smith, Phil Wilson Perkin, Pea Sea, The Garden City Project, The Headlines

Event: Propeller Island 8: ‘The Sandwich Islands’
When: Friday 29th April 2011, 19:00 – late
Where: The Victory, 281 Kingsland Road, London. E2 8AS