PEPOMO are working as part of artist initiative Propeller Island on the launch of PITV (PROPELLER ISLAND TELEVISION) at Supermarket 2011, Kulturhuset, Stockholm, Sweden: 17th - 20th February 2011. PITV will present a wide range of programmes, including artist video, performance, animation, and discussions.
Please check out our USTREAM for live PITV broadcasts.
Benna, Ildiko Buckley, Zoe Buser, Fiona Chambers, David Cochrane, Codeless88, Zoe Darling, Anita Delaney, Kristian De La Riva, Gin Dunscombe, Jamie Dyson, Carla Easton, Rebecca Elliott, Rita Evans, Charlie Franklin, Pippa Gatty, Anne Guest, Yukiya Hagihara, Sarah Harbridge, Liz Helman, Jonathan Hood, Misaaki Kato, Megan Keane, Guido Lanteri Laura, John Lawrence, Warren McLachlan, Melville Mitchell and The Cyclones, Kit Merritt, Jo Mills, Hiroki Mitsuboshi. Sarah O'Gorman, Marianna and Daniel O'Reilly, PEPOMO, Kate Rowles, Eva Rudlinger, Shiho Sakaki, Jarrod Sanderson, Nicole Shimonek, Malin Stahl, Thea Stallwood, Anders Talleraas, Katharine Tolladay, Jon Trayner, Hideharu Ueki, Louise Ward, Phil Wilson-Perkin
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Pippa Gatty, Jamie Dyson, Thea Stallwood, Katherine Tolladay, PEPOMO
Propeller Island is a not-for-profit artist run initiative - made up of an ever-evolving network of disciplinary practitioners - that provides a platform from which artists of varied backgrounds may collaborate on group projects. Taking their name from a sci-fi novel by Jules Verne, in which a string quartet perform whilst being propelled accross the ocean on a roaming island, Propeller Ilsnad too are nomadic, with each chapter of the novel acting as a point of departure for projects around the globe.
The goal of SUPERMARKET Art Fair is to provide a showcase for artist initiatives from around the world and to create new artistic networks. SUPERMARKET 2011 - taking place at Kulturhuset, Stockholm - will present 71 exhibitors from 26 countries.
18-20 February 2011
Fri 18th 11:00 - 22:00, Sat 19th 11:00 - 22:00, Sun 20th 11:00 - 18:00
Admission: 100 SEK
Catalogue: 90 SEK
Admission and Catalogue: 150 SEK
Run of Show Pass (3 day)+catalogue 250 SEK



We are now working as part of artist-run initiative Propeller Island on an 'alternative' Xmas event, at which presented will be an exciting mixture of live music and performance, followed by a Christmas Disco. All are welcome, and come along in fancy dress to get a gift from MC Santa!
Featuring: Jarrod Sanderson, Jonathan Trayner, Katharine Tolladay, Lauren Kinsella, PEPOMO, Phil Wilson-Perkin, Ragworm, Richy Lamy, Samantha Taylor, Warren McLachlan. Plus more acts to be announced.
Event: Propeller Island 7: 'Westward Bound' Christmas Party
When: Thursday 2nd December 2010, 19:30 - Late
Where: Dogstar, 389 Coldharbour Lane, Brixton, London. SW9 8LQ


Big Society featuring Patrick Galway


Patrick Galway, Artist and Company Secretary of PEPOMO, has a new work in the exhibition 'Big Society' at Space Station Sixty-Five. All works are attached to the Space Station Sixty-Five window and viewed from the street.
Event: Big Society
When: 8th August 2010 to 28th October 2010
Where: Space Station Sixty-Five, 65 North Cross Road, London, SE22 9ET


PEPOMO in The Netherlands


PEPOMO have been invited by id11 to contribute to project ‘DELFT OP ZICHT’ (Delft in Sight) in Delft, the Netherlands, from 13th July to 8th August 2010. During this period, PEPOMO will set up and run ‘OTC’ (Outsider Tourist Centre). There we will conduct unusual guided tours, make new souvenirs, and hold public workshops, in which people will be encouraged to explore, discuss, and reform their surroundings. OTC will provide new insights on the familiar and uncover aspects forgotten; helping local people to become tourists in their own City.
Event: DELFT OP ZICHT (Delft in Sight)
When: Thu-Sun 12:00-17:00 from 15th July to 8th August 2010
Where: id11 op_LOCATIE, Koornmarkt 48 Delft (Kadmium)
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