Re: DIGS (Do It & Get Stuff!) – Mail

Does anyone remember ‘DIGS’?
This year, PEPOMO conducted DIGS (Do It & Get Stuff!) for the launch of ‘The Gossipy Guide’ by artist led collaboration ‘Propeller Island’ at Tenderproduct, London. For details on this project please visit here!

Propeller Island produced 50 copies of ‘The Gossipy Guide’ publication, and PEPOMO contributed ‘DIGS – Mail’.

And so far we have received most copies of DIGS – Mail, with very interesting titles. However there are still ‘DIGS’ CDs in ‘The Gossipy Guide’ yet to be sent to us. So if you still have one, then please write any title and your name and address (which will remain strictly confidential) on the CD and just pop it in your nearest post box! Don’t miss out!

We look forward to receiving them from you!

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