BG02 (2008)

In 2008 Pepomo received a commission from University of the Arts London to produce new work for BG02; a typical studio space along with adjoining storage area, situated in Chelsea College of Art and Design. With the opening of the Masters Degree Show imminent, we perceived a need for a place within the College where the many visitors to the exhibition could take respite from 'active contemplation'. A place where one could participate actively in a range of activities, witness events, chat with other, or indeed just take a rest.




Upon visiting BG02 we considered the potential of the space and then set about working to realise that potential, using materials and resources available to us on site. The grubby storage area we cleared out and transformed into a shiny new kitchen in which to prepare refreshments for visitors and College personnel, musical instruments and art materials we displayed for use in events and workshops, and using discarded plinths we created a seating area. Thoroughout the exhibition, 'BG02' became the byword for fun and hospitality.